RO Changelog

tag: v7.1.0rc4 -> v7.1.0rc5

  • f4f95e1 • Juniper Contrail SDN plugin
  • 3d0ead4 • Juniper SDN contrail: used VNI stored in a set in the class
  • a5c26d8 • Developing juniper contrail plugin, implenting CRUD operations and first version of create, edit and delete connectivity service
  • 09d18d3 • Juniper Contrail: removed pycurl dependency, added requests
  • 8952d28 • fix wim usage needed base on involved vims
  • c047048 • Corrected bugs found during unit and integration testing
  • 5ef8ef1 • WIP: Added VIO support for PCI-PT interfaces
  • 3c60222 • Merge "WIP: Added VIO support for PCI-PT interfaces" into v7.0
  • 4f4ce17 • Cleaned main, randomized vni generation
  • 2b9adea • Merge branch 'contrail' into v7.0