Analysis of OSM events in Bugzilla

1. Imports and cleans raw source data with all Bugzilla events

2. Current state of open bugs

2.1 Number of open bugs

Total number of open bugs:

Bugs present in multiple branches:

Number of bugs per module

2.2 Age of open bugs

Age vs. state of open bugs (global)

Age distribution per module

NOTE: To see how a boxplot representation works, you may refer to this article.

2.3 Outliers

Four types of bug age outliers are identified:

  1. Too old bugs.
  2. Pure outliers for boxplot: Beyond Q3+1.5IQR for the MDG.
  3. Beyond 3rd quartile of ages.
  4. Age beyond 2 months.

Summary table of outliers:

Outlier details

Too old bugs:

Pure outliers:

Beyond Q3:

Beyond 2 months:

3. Temporal evolution

3.1 Number of open bugs